Papa, Hungary

Well I was going to write about our most recent trip to Poland but then I realized that today was the day we found out we were going to Hungary so I decided that Poland will have to wait and wanted to share a little bit about our little town we call home.

Four years ago today we found out we were moving! It was exciting but also we were unsure of what was going to happen. We were not married yet and wasn't planning to until the next year. Phill and I decided to move up our wedding to two weeks so that I could get on his orders in time to move. We were set to leave the States in early May of 2015 and that was what happened. We packed up our stuff, shipped my car, figured out how to get the animal on the plane with us and headed south to say farewell to our families for awhile.

It was good seeing family and friends especially since we didn't know how long it would be till we saw them again. After our visit we set out on our new adventure!

We knew nothing about the base we were headed too just that it was in eastern Europe. Once we got in we were already in love with this beautiful small town. Our sponsor showed us around and took us to base and helped us out a great deal while we settled in.

A little bit about Papa is that it mean Pope. It is a very small little town with one light and about 5 roundabouts or more. Two large grocery stores and several small ones, two churches and lots of places to find good food and gelato. A cute little square to enjoy festivals and a movie theater that sometimes shows English movies.

I'll share a little bit about the history of the town a little later when I have to the chance to gather all the information about it but for now enjoy a few pictures I've taken with just walking around.

A little side note...two weeks after living here and just moving into our new home we knew we were going to extend and stay as long as we can. We are currently on our 4th year here and hope we can get one more in before heading back to the States.

Kristin Earwood