Another Year of Love

It's been 4 amazing years and here we are celebrating another anniversary!

Again I was going to write about our travels but since we have been busy it has been postponed again. This post is a little mushy so you have been warned.

Four years ago I stepped into a little chapel in a historical museum in Dover, Delaware. With a big smile on my face and one thing on my mind, to marry my best friend. It was a chilly (even though I couldn't tell from excitement) Monday morning with fall at its finest, surrounded by a few friends and family (you could count everyone there as family) we started our journey together as one.

It happened so fast, the planning, the actual day, but I would do it all again. My wonderful friend Crystal pretty much planned our wedding in just two weeks. She worked hard getting flowers, a preacher and a venue for the ceremony. The day would not have gone as planned if it were not for her! I can't thank her enough for all she did! I am also thankful to have had my family, my and Aunt Helen and Uncle Steve and Owen, there to support and help give me away in my parents place since they were unable to attend. Phill's parents were able to make last minute and I'm truly grateful for that. We had Monika and Andrew by our side as well my dear friend Dani as our photographer along with my family and another friend, Emily, and a few of my instructors from school on FaceTime!

Since we have been married we have tried to go somewhere special especially since we have been in Europe for most of the time. Our first year and I believe the first entry of our blog, we went to Budapest and spent the weekend there. The next year we were in Italy and last year we were in Germany. Each year has been amazing and special and this year is no different. It is however, the first year we have actually spent our anniversary at home but I'm sure it wont be the last. It has been calm and relaxing and we are just enjoying the cuddles with our boys as the rain falls.

Phill, my dearest love, this year has been amazing and I look forward to what the future has in store for us. May we continue to have adventures and enjoy each others company for years to come! You are my rock and the best husband I could ever have asked for.

I love you to the moon and back! <3

The pictures below are 1) Back home visiting family before we left, 2) our back yard for our Christmas photo last year, 3) Scotland, our most recent trip, and 4) Italy last year I believe!

Kristin Earwood