A Different Step

This has actually taken me a long time thinking about and some courage to even write it out. But I want to change our travel blog to a family blog. This doesn't not mean I'll stop sharing our travels but with us potentially headed back to the States next year our travels will become fewer.

I also want to share our journey of infertility. Most of you reading probably don't know this about us. It is not something I have made very open or even like to talk about but if my journey can help someone else find peace then that's all I can ask for.

Let me start at the beginning of our journey together! 😁 Phill and I met at work while I was still in the Air Force. He had just gotten back from a tour in South Korea and I had just gotten station at Dover, Delaware. One of our co-workers hooked us up, we started hanging out a lot together and about 6 months officially started dating and about 3 years after that we got married! After we got married we knew we were moving to Hungary and had already talked about starting a family right away. Well that's when God had other plans for us.

I didn't know it then but this was going to change my life forever! About 7 months after we got married we moved across the pond this was not only our first move together but our first one overseas together. We were both excited for this next journey. We instantly fell in love with Hungary and knew we wanted to stay past our 2 year assignment.

We didn't not prevent having a kid in anyway and after about a year (almost two) of trying we decided to get some rest done. The process was extremely stressful and long as it took almost a full year to get any answers. We started by meeting our Doctor on base but he could only do so much and really that was talking to us and letting us know we would likely have to drive 2 hours to Vienna, Austria, to a hospital there. We contacted Tricare to see what our options were and where we needed to go to get the process started and they directed us to a hospital in Vienna.

We were not excited about having to drive for 2 hours there and 2 hours back but we were ready to start and see if anything was holding us back from getting pregnant. For now I'll end with a picture of my lovely little family! I will post more about our journey over time.

Kristin Earwood