Euro Trip 2016

Phill and I had the privilege go going on a Euro Trip with some friends of ours Holly and Paul with their son Bradley and Holly's mom and her husband! This will be our first of many big Euro Trips and we were excited! We started our trip early and headed to Arnoldstein, Austria, which is located on the corner of Austria, Slovenia, and Italy. Every year they have a big gathering and people from all over go there and have a big festival. We arrived right at the end so there was no festival going on but we enjoyed the scenery and quite location. It was a great place little town to start off in.

We then made the trek to Piombino, Italy, which is located right on the Tyrrhenian Sea. We spent more time here and it was well worth it. The weather was great, our hotel was located right on the water and the beach was not that far off either. We found some great wine, one of our favorites! We sunbathed and enjoyed some seafood! We could have staid there the rest of the time.

Our next stop was Nice, France. Located just opposite of Piombino, it is also located on the coast. This place was way different than any of us thought and not all good but not all bad. Our hotel was a little harder to get too and lots of stairs but not bad and close to the walking streets. It did rain a little which was a little bummer but we still shopped and had good food. We did not stay long just long enough to enjoy the town one day. On our way out though we drove along the French Riviera! It was so pretty and would have been wonderful to stay in one of the smaller towns we past. Maybe one day.

Our next stop was Monte Carasso, Switzerland nestled in the mountains. We knew Switzerland would be a bit more pricy than any other place but we didn't know much. It was raining here too so we didn't get out much and it was a really small town with not much in it so we spent the night and tried to walk around but there wasn't much to see. The best part of Switzerland was the drive to Germany!

Our next stop was Schechen, Germany but we stopped in Munich first! We walked around for a little bit, hit up the Hard Rock Cafe and walked around for a bit. So we first our drive to our hotel which was about an hour out of Munich, once we got there it was the smallest town we had been too. The only thing out there was our hotel and a tractor shop we were luck enough to find a place to eat dinner. So we rested and played cards and had some wine. It was worth the relaxation after drive several hours each day.

Our last stop on the way home was Vienna, Austria. This was actually our first time being there and seeing part of the city. We had some awesome sweets, pictures together and more shopping! We enjoyed being closer to home and the beauty of another city. We all had a great time but we were all tired from driving or riding in the car. Great stories and memories were made!

Kristin Earwood