Zadar, Croatia

Summer of 2016 we had the privilege of going to Zadar, Croatia with our new friends at the time Chris and Heather Shaw! We traveled down there in our little rental because my car was getting fixed at the time and I honestly have no idea how we all fit with our bags because the car was barely big enough for Phill and I. But it worked and we got there.

As soon as we got there we couldn't wait to go explore because it was already so pretty! We had a blast exploring this small coastal town, watching the sunset every night over the sea and listening to the sea organ play was all breath taking. We ate at one of favorite (well it became our favorite) restaurants twice, Bruschetta! It was so delicious!

We just had a relaxing weekend getting to know these two as they had just moved to Hungary! And now almost two years later they are some of best friends here!

Kristin Earwood