Venice, Italy

Sorry for the long pause since the last post, life has been busy! But as summer is upon us I wanted to share one of my favourite visits, I have been there three times now!

Venice, Italy is a beautiful and romantic city. It truly amazing that this city can not be reached by car but rather by walking or taking a small boat. I was amazed because you hear about Venice in books but seeing it was just amazing! I went for the first time with a couple of girl friends, we took the train instead of driving, because you really can't, and then walked all over. In away getting lost but exploring all the same. We staid pretty close the "centre" Piazza San Marco, getting to see St. Mark's Basilica and the Bridge of Sighs. There are several quite cafes and restaurants and gelato stand to enjoy a treat or lunch.

The first time I went my friend showed me and my other friend around as she had been before. We found so many goodies while exploring every little street we could. It was a beautiful clear day during a festival. I loved seeing all the beautiful buildings and finding some cute souvenirs.

The next time I went, Phill and I got to go together. This was fun because I thought I knew where I was going but in fact I did not. We got lost and wanted to go to Hard Rock Cafe, something him and his dad have to do when they go to a city that has one. I remember seeing it the last time I was there but since we got lost from the start it took way longer to find it. But we did and we got to see a lot more of the city by getting lost. After finally getting lunch we had a better time walking around and enjoying the day.

Kristin Earwood