Amsterdam, Netherlands

This was a trip Phill and I planned early in the year and thought we would not be able to go when it got closer. We went in April, we had just gone home the month before to help Phill's family with his mom when she got sick (thankfully is doing much better). But because she was back and forth for a bit we had no idea if Phill would be going back home again or not.

Thankfully she made a good turn and we were able to go to Amsterdam. Around this time is normally when we see Phill's dad while he is out here doing work but with what happened he canceled his trips and staid home. However, I am still glad this worked out.

This was also our first time flying within Europe, it was new and different. It went well and we figured everything out just fine! We staid a couple stops away from Amsterdam so we had to train every day but it was easy and we did not mind.

We did the hop on Hop off bus tour to help us get around in a city we have never been to before. This again is one of the best ways we feel to get around or at least to start off with when visiting a bigger city. By using the bus we got to a couple of place and hopped off and did not have to walk far to a couple of things we wanted to visit such as doing the Heineken Experience. This was something Phill was more interested in doing than I was but it was really cool. the brewery is interactive and you get to taste fresh beer. I tried and still do not like it but we enjoyed it and it helped us get out of the warm sun.


A couple other things we did was stop at the Diamond Museum which was really cool. We got see how the make their diamonds special and learn the difference from fake to real and clarity. Its a nice stop on the Hop on Hop off bus tour. There's a couple other museums around there to check out too.We also stoped by Ripley's Believe It or Not which we had a great time and some good laughs. It helped us again get out of the hot sun.


Other than the few museums we visited we walked around saw an old windmill that is one of the oldest and one of the only windmills still left in the town. We found some cute cafes and places to eat. We missed out on a couple staples like fritter stands (fries) and the tulip fields but overall we had a great time and would love to go back one day.

Kristin Earwood