Heidelberg, Germany

Another blog about Germany but this is not from the same trip. Phill and I wen to Heidelberg while we were on our Euro trip last fall when Brittney was here. I just jumped ahead to talk about the other Germany trip!

Brittney went to Stuttgart, where her dad was stationed at years ago. She went to visit friends and Phill and I staid at Ramstein Air Base after visiting with my brother (Britt's Hubs) while he was TDY. It was great to see him for a bit after not seeing him for about 4 years!

So instead of traveling home on our anniversary we staid and went to this cute little town to see a beautiful castle. If you notice a theme among our travels they always seem to include some kind of castle and I'm really okay with that because I love castles!

We did not get to explore much of the town but went for the castle. It was a cold and kind of rainy day and Phill had already been feeling under the weather ;) (as usual). But it was a fun little trip and we enjoyed it very much. Maybe one day we can go back and explore the town.

The castle has many rooms and buildings to explore but with it being a very busy touristy spot you need a tour guide to do most of it but a lot is open to the general public and you just have to pay the entry fee.

The castle shows the history of when it was built and what they did there. Some medical stuff and some of how the people lived. There is a dinning place where you can see the giant wine barrel that is at least one story tall. It was impressive to see!

The garden walking back down was so pretty and with it being on a hill it was kind of steep, but you can take the metro cart up and down if you wish. We enjoyed the view of the town from above and with it being fall the colors were just beautiful!

This is a place to visit if you are in the area.

Kristin Earwood