Looking at Life


There comes a time in life when you need to look at it differently. I always knew I had a purpose in life and you never know what it really is so either you never try or you just move a long and do what you want. Well I do that too so don't worry. But there are times that I know there is a reason I do things in life, such as joining the military or go to photography school! Life is not easy but when you have a purpose and are doing something with your life its a lot more fun that way! For me it was living every day to fullest, I never worried about tomorrow or the future...well until I got older than I did more... but I was taught to never worry about tomorrow and live for today! Live and enjoy the people around and the memories you are making now, not what you have to do tomorrow or next week or even next year. Even when I was in the military I didn't know I was getting a year out or even six months out, I knew that's what I wanted but knew that if God wanted it for my life then it would happen, so I just kept going and living for Him and working hard! Now that my husband and I are married and about to move looking at life a little differently. Life is about to get very exciting and I really can't wait to see what is going to happen next!

This is picture is of one of my best friends in school, Emily! This is also on of my favorite pictures and first of many of her that I took during our time in school! This field trip to Brattleboro, VT where we first hung out and never worked with anyone else unless we were made too! A little later Dani joined our group and the three of us were inseparable! 

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