Good Evening Friends, it's getting late this Friday night, or at least for me! I am one of those that goes to bed early, wishes they could sleep in, and still end up getting nothing done during the day. Well at least not as much as I could. As I prepare for this weekend with Kristin Ariel Boudoir Photography I want to just take a moment and look back on what got to where I am today. Tomorrow will make one year since I left for basic training for the Air Force. It was a big step for this home town, family girl, to leave all that I knew behind and set out on an adventure that I had no idea where it would lead me. It was a rough journey and I grew and learned about myself a lot during my time in, 4 short years although they didn't seem like it at the time. But one thing is for sure I never lost my dream to become a photographer. I know I was to join the military for some reason and although it was for multiple reasons there is one that I am most grateful for and that is one of my dear friend's sister told me about Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts. I still had about 3 years left in the military so I was not going there anytime soon, but I still couldn't help myself I had to call them and find out more about the school. On the first call I was in love! I had to go there! I still didn't know how or when or anything yet because I was still bound by contract to the military and I didn't mind. I made the most of my time in, was able to be apart of different things and meet people including my husband! So all that to say is that I had something more to look forward too. I was finally able to go to school and do what I love to do! This time last year I was in school just finishing up about 2 weeks! Going out in the freezing cold to learn to take pictures! I would not trade that for anything it makes you think fast and learn quick. Was not easy and the instructors were not easy on us and made us do it over and over again but that was good. We learned and did it over and over until they were able to show us what they were looking for. It makes since now but then it was just hard because we were cold and did not want to be getting wet in the snow or anything like that but now I would do it all over again! 

Here is a picture from the first week we had our cameras actually in the town next to where I lived, Greenfield, MA! This is my roommate again, mostly because she was the only person I knew at the time, but don't worry I will introduce you all to my other classmates, and friends that I made while in school but for now its Katie Hill! 

Enjoy and goodnight everyone!   

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