Boudoir Photography has actually been a passion of mine and I hope to share more in the future but for now let me share reasons why I LOVE this style of photography so much!

1) It is a good reason to get hair and makeup done especially if you are someone that does not do it often because let me tell you from experience it is AMAZING! I go to do this a few years ago and loved how my makeup and hair turned out. My husband even liked it, he knew what I was doing, but it was nice to be able to tell him we were going after because I was already to go!


2) You get a little work out, HAHA! For real though! You will be holding poses for awhile and twisting your body was that it may not have twisted before. It is good though because you know the photographer is getting the right angle and the light to hit your body the way it should.

3) I personally did one for myself to see what it was like. I knew the style but had never done one before. I wanted to get my feet wet in a since and the best way was to have someone take pictures of me. It was a great experience. Something to take note is find someone you can be comfortable with. You are getting mostly undressed in front of someone you may know or have only met once or twice or not at all. It is important to feel comfortable and finding a photographer that will do that for you is a big part of the experience. I know that is always my goal when I do boudoirs. If you are not comfortable with me then it will show in your pictures and we can’t have that! It is always important to me to make you look and feel amazing!


4) After the amazing session you should comfortable and confident! You just got told you look sexy so many times and told that you look fierce or something along the lines. So now you are a sexy high and that my dear ladies is an amazing feeling. So now not only do you have your makeup and hair done but you feel confident so you walk a little taller and have a big beautiful smile on your face! That there is one of the best reasons to have boudoir photos done.


5) This last point is important because it may sound strange but you do not always have to these photos for someone, it is okay to do them for yourself. I did and would do it again just to feel amazing, not saying doing them for my husband is not a good excuses but it is not the only reason. Then after the photos you can get digitals or a beautiful album to keep looking back to get that same feeling all over again!

I personally feel like everyone woman should do this at least once if not more because it is amazing and like I have said before a good excuse to get makeup and hair done then go on a date with your girls or you man!


This is me a few years ago taken by Jodi Quick Photography in Dover, Delaware!

Love, Kristin Ariel

Kristin Earwood