Snow Girls

I LOVE the snow! I especially love it when it is falling and it is so big a fluffy. The whole world grows silent as it falls and it is so peaceful! As it covers the ground it has not been stepped on yet and it just looks so beautiful! I feel like a little kid again and it brings me so much joy especially knowing how happy my pups will be!


So of course I had to take photos in the beautiful snow. We did not catch it falling but we hiked to the top of the mountain to some castle ruins to get some amazing shots!


These fine ladies to a lot for me when it comes to my ideas for photoshoots. I am blessed to have so many friends wanting to go on adventures with me to make my dreams come true! So we made our way to a familiar location Somló Hill, there are some castle ruins sitting on top of an old dormant volcano that is now the place for wineries. It is a lovely place and local for us to get good food and good wine and explore the beautiful castle.


Casey, Kayla and I drove out there and headed there. We thought this was not going to happen because of the snow even though that was our whole reason for going. But the road to get to a decent place to park has ice underneath the snow. So we got as close as we could and parked. It was not as close as I was hoping for but we parked and walked the rest. It was a very slippery walk but it was beautiful.

We finally made after walking a good half hour up hill. The castle covered in snow was just beautiful! My lovelies were amazing they brought a couple of different coat options. This was awesome because it allows for different kind of shoots in one session.

We were only worried about getting back down the hill. Knowing how slippery it was we took our time and warmed up in the car! Hopefully next time we go there we will also stop at the winery for a drink or two ;)

Kristin Earwood