Salzburg, Austria

Our next stop in our Euro trip with my sister in law is Salzburg, Austria! We were all excited to be going to this wonderful town. I did not know much about this town before going there except that the Sound of Music was filmed there.

I really just loved being in the mountains, even with the rain it was just wonderful! Brittney and I went out for a walk because Phill still was not feeling well so he rested. We walked all over the place and just had a good time. We ate at a local pizza place down the road from our apartment. It was also by the worse hotel we staid in during our whole time traveling. *Tip always read reviews before booking*

The second day we went on a bike tour for the Sound of Music. It was so fun and raining but so fun! Being able to see the city for a different view point and to travel the road that the film was made and see how it kind of was like for the real family was incredible. Our guide told us about the movie and the different scenes were filmed but also reference where the family actually went. It was just a neat experience and a must if you visit Salzburg.

Salzburg means salt and was built around salt mines. It is just incredible and tucked in the Alps. It is a must see and I would love to go back!

Pictures: The white house is the back of the house from the film Sound of Music, The Gazebo from the rememberable song "16 Going on 17", the Garden where the kids sang with Maria and the tunnel they ran through. It was so fun!

Kristin Earwood