Edinburgh, Scotland

Finally having time to sit and write about one of my favorite trips of all time! We had been planning this trip for a good part of the year and it became real when plane tickets were bought. When I say we I mean Ashlyn and I. Our awesome friends the Hochschilds invited us to tag along with them to Scotland since they were already going there for a concert. We then asked our other awesome friends the Dunworths. We all knew it was a going to be a fun filled adventure.

Our planner, Ashlyn, did a lot of the research for the trip. Finding different things to do and visit. She did an amazing job! The only downfall to a lot of things to do is that Baby Kate couldn't come so it was hard trying not to leave the Dunworths behind but they were also able to do something they really wanted to do but couldn't on their last trip to Edinburgh so thankfully it worked out.

Edinburgh is an easy city to get by plane and then bus into the city. Our Apartment was just a couple blocks away from the castle and really close to lots of food places and shopping. The city itself is magical looking and inviting and I knew we were going to really enjoy ourselves. We landed and found our hotel with only small difficulties, which was nice, and we had our list if events in hand, it was time to get the trip started!


So now lets go day by day because each day was filled with different fun things I don't want to miss anything! The first day we landed and made our way to the Air B&B, checked in and unloaded and rested a little. I sent Phill to be the third wheel to Chris and Ashlyn on their whisky tasting. I staid with Casci and Kate. Baby Kate was napping when they left for the tasting so Casci and I played Switch and when she got up we went to find some food and drinks for the room and ended up getting several things and had dinner in our room when the others got back. It was nice to just relax a little after traveling but we all looked forward to the next few days.

Day two: we got up and ready and made our way to our own made Harry Potter tour that Ashlyn made for us! It was a bit chilly and cloudy but what do you expect. I think all of us girls were way more excited about this tour than the guys but it also took us all over Edinburgh and was worth the walking.

We stopped at some fun shops and got souvenirs along the way! I really enjoyed seeing the different places that inspired the books!

We also went to a cocktail festival! It was really cool. They had 14 stands of different cocktails from different bars across the city. Each one had about 3-5 different signature cocktails to try. It was all inside a tent and each stand was so cute and different. We got to try several and really enjoyed them all.

Day three: was our day trip! I was really excited about this because we were getting out of Edinburgh and exploring all the way up to the Highlands. Got up early and made our way to the meeting place which thankfully was a coffee shop, so we got some warm drinks and road food! Our guide was really funny and told us about Edinburgh as we were leaving it and how different people pronounce the name. We started the tour with a stop at Stirling Castle. It is a castle that is similar to Edinburgh Castle in that it sits on top of an extinct volcano. It does not have a big city around it but it was just as beautiful! Our next stop was a little town for lunch. We did not stay long here since it was just to eat but it was so cute! Our next stop was Loch Lomond, one of the biggest I believe. We took a walk to the water and had ice cream in a really cute shop. I think we were getting tired of just walking at this point and wanting to head to our next stop because it involved whisky. Our next stop is to Glengoyne Distillery. I know Phill, Chris and Ashlyn were excited about this, I just wanted to see how they made whisky. It is one of the distilleries that is considered in the Highlands even though they are right on the boarder of the Highlands and Lowlands. They get all their resources locally and brought to the distillery and the whisky is made there, bottled and distributed. Our last stop was to The Kelpies, they are two very large horse heads made of iron plates. They are part of a legend of horses in the sea that entice its victims to come into the sea and traps them. No matter their story they are impressive! They have lights in the hollow part so at night they glow different colors. This was our day, Casci and Seth had their own adventure since small children are not allowed on most day trips. It sucked but they were also able to do something they did not get to do last time they were there.

If you get the chance to go to Edinburgh I highly recommend this tour! All of it was wonderful and the guide was awesome!

Later this same day us girls went out to have some time together while the boys staid in and played Switch and watched baby Kate! We went to a sports bar and had some of the best bar food I have ever had! It was all so good! Our drinks were just as good! We then tried to go to a bar that was on all our list called the Geek Popup Bar. This bar changes it's theme ever month and the month of October was Lord of the Rings! Casci and I both enjoy Lord of the Rings so we were a little excited about going. Sadly you had to make a reservation and we did not know that so we were not able to get drinks there but the place looked really good! Seeing the city at night was just lovely! We enjoyed our little time together and the boys had fun too.

Day four: This day we did some more exploring around old town. We went to Edinburgh Castle which was beautiful! And when it started raining we went to a historical museum because it was free ;) We also took a few family pictures but it was so windy and the wind made it cold that it made it hard to do more than just a few. This was more or less our chill day because we did not have any set plans but do whatever we felt like it. That was nice though. Later in the evening Ashlyn and Chris had a concert to go to, Jack White, which is what originally brought them to Scotland! We hung out with Seth and Casci that evening.

I'm pretty sure she was already watching a bird that walked across in front and she would not look away like the bird interrupted her photoshoot! It was so funny!

And when your friends don't want a full family photo session you get this instead! Love it because this is how they act and its just pure awesomeness!

Day five: departure day, we just got up cleaned and headed to the airport. I was sad to be leaving this beautiful city but had a great time and great memories with some amazing people! I would go back to Scotland in a heart beat. Not only is my Dad's ancestors from there but it is just a wonderful country! I would be very happy to just live there too!

Kristin Earwood