Birthday Love!

So this week I'm going to show a little birthday love to my twin brother! We haven't lived in the same state since I left for the military in 2010 and we have been together to celebrate our birthday since then so want to just express how much he means to me and giving you all a little sneak peak at one of my many family members! 

My twin Jonathan has really always been there for me and I am blessed to have a great brother and friend in him! We were homeschooled so we did school together and helped push each other or try to beat each other rather! We played together and we fought with each other. But he always showed how much he really loved me every year on our birthday. Having the same day was a struggle when we got older and wanted to have a birthday party with our friends. When we started having our own parties with our friends and not really with each other we would take turns from having one in February and the other in March and most of the time he would have his party a month later mostly because he wanted to be outside and it being cold he would wait! He has always been patient with me and caring, and those little moments like that mean so much to me! He has always expressed his values to me and gave me advise when I needed it most! I could not have asked for a better twin!

Jonathan, Thank you for being such an awesome twin brother! You are the greatest and even though we haven't celebrated our birthday together in several years you know I love you and remember those special days we had when we were kids! One day we will get together and celebrate like old times! Love you!

A little iPhone love from his wedding day! Love you Bro!

A little iPhone love from his wedding day! Love you Bro!

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