The Beginning

I have decided to go back and document all our travels and adventures we have done since we got married. It has been an amazing fun almost 3 years now and I want to share it!

Phill and I started our journey together summer of 2010 when we first met at Dover AB, Delaware. He was just getting back from South Korea and I was just getting stationed there. By the following summer we were dating. But nearly 3 years later Phill finally proposed. In 2014 was the best year we have had together! I got out of the military, started school in Massachusetts for Photography, we got engaged, married and found out we were moving overseas.

I was getting ready for my portfolio review at school when Phill called me telling me that he found out he got accepted to move to Hungary! I was thrilled but told him we will talk after I get done with my portfolio review. So in one day I knew I would be graduating school, marrying my best friend nearly 6 months early and moving to Europe! It was a very exciting time but very nervous. We had not lived together long and was about to pack up our house and move across the world. We were both very excited about this change happening and this is the part I really want to share with you all.

I hope you all enjoy!


Kristin Earwood