Italian Adventures

Phill and I went on another Italian adventure with our dear friends the Weeks! It was a spur of the moment trip that ended up being one of the best. We were stilling around during a quite Cinco De Mayo at their house and talked about how much we loved our trip to Italy the year before, see other post from our Euro Excursion with the Weeks, and decided we needed to make it happen again.

So we look into the hotel we got last time and when we had to stay a minimum of 7 days we thought that would be so bad, but we wanted to go to a more Tuscany village so we found another place to stay. But we booked the trip and only planned to relax and try some wine.

We left to start the trip and head to the coastal town on Piombino, Italy, however, we ended making a short stop in Aviano where the base is and stopping for a minute. But when we finally made it to this cute little town we already felt relaxed! The hotel Holly booked for us was set in the town so it made it easy to walk to restaurants in the evening and head straight for the shore during the day.

We had a lovely time just relaxing walking through town and eating and drinking all the food and wine that we wanted too, and gelato too! But we could not go to this coastal town and not go to the beach every day! We did just that and had a wonderful time. Swimming in the cool clear water, taking a boat out and swimming with the fishes and exploring a popular beach was our every day life there. We explored castles and had family pictures done.

Our time in Piombino came to a close to fast, but we wanted to make a stop on the way home at the Tuscany town of Siena. This smaller town that some what resembles Florence was a perfect stop to make. We got to our hotel that looked like something out of a story book, because it had no A/C, but was so cute and beautiful. We had a wonderful time exploring the fancy shops and beautiful buildings. Of course being in Tuscany we could not pass up the chance to try more wine, we only had wished we made a reservation for a winery tour. Needless to say this was a perfect spot to relax after spending time on the beach and soaking up the sun, some of us literarily ;)

Kristin Earwood